IP Resources

1.    Case Study – Patent Landscape
Project Objective
The client’s objective was to conduct a patent landscape analysis in the domain of point of sale operation and identify useful patents for licensing negotiations.
Project Methodology
Adroip Services used a blend of resources to cater to the client’s requirements.
•    Understanding call: To discuss the project requirements and confirm the understanding of the technology and the project scope with the client
•    Study of client’s product portfolio: To understand the client’s product categories and features of the products to prepare a taxonomy to classify the patent portfolio.
•    Search string preparation: The team developed a thorough understanding of the domain and prepared search strings to capture relevant patents.
•    Taxonomy preparation: A three-level taxonomy was prepared on PoS system. The taxonomy was adapted to focus on products, and application areas of the clients’ working domain.
•    Patent Search: Keywords and class (IPC, ECLA, USPC, CPC) based search to identify relevant patents
•    Screening and Detailed categorization of patents: The patents were manually analyzed to weed out non-relevant patents and the relevant patents were categorized under respective taxonomy categories. Detailed comments describing the novelty of each patent were also included
•    Graphical Analysis: To represent analysis and key insights based on the technical categories, filing trends and assignees
Based on the above analysis, the client was clearly able to identify:
•    A list of patents not relevant to any of their products – such patents were agreed to be irrelevant for the renewal of the licensing agreement
•    List of highly ranked  patents that can be given more attention while negotiation the licensing agreement
•    List of low ranked patents
Using the above information, the client was clearly able to eliminate a set of irrelevant patent and consequently saved money while effectively managing the licensing deal.