Competitors' Analysis

 Project Objective

The client requested for an analysis of patent portfolios of its five competitors active in the domain of printing technology. The client’s objective was to identify key technical areas where further innovation and/or future investments can be made.

Project Methodology

Adroip Services followed a systematic approach to cater the client’s requirements:

  • Client calls: To discuss clients’ exact requirements and conforming the understanding with the client
  • Taxonomy building: Preparing a detailed list of technical categories and sub-categories (confirmed by the client)
  • Patent Search: Keywords, class (IPC, ECLA, USPC), and assignee based search to identify related patent in the domain of printing technology
  • Initial Screening: To identify relevant patents (best matches according the client requirements) from the search results (total count of relevant patents ~2000)
  • Detailed categorization and “Problem-Solution” analysis: To categorize each of the relevant patents as per the taxonomy, and to identify a problem addressed and solution proposed by each of the patented inventions
  • Graphical Analysis: To represent analysis and key insights based on the technical categories, problems, and solutions

Outcome: Based on the above analysis, the client was clearly able to identify:

  •  Unexplored (never or less addressed) technology categories
  • Unexplored (never or less addressed) problem areas
  • Unexplored (never or less addressed) solution areas
  • Unexplored (never or less addressed) problem-solution combinations

All of the above insights/outcomes were very much appreciated by the client and helped them build future innovation and/or investment plans to keep itself ahead in the competition.