Patent Acquisition Support

Project Objective

One of our client received a patent portfolio for acquisition. The clients’ objective was to shortlist most relevant and profitable patents from the entire portfolio. The client engaged Adroip Services for the task.

Project Methodology

Adroip Services followed a systematic approach to cater the client’s requirements:

  • Client calls: To discuss clients’ exact requirements and understanding the technology area/product line the client is most interested in for acquisition of patents
  • Portfolio review and prioritization: First Stage Due Diligence including:Patent family check, Litigation history review, Life term check, Verification of priority data, assignment check, maintenance details check
  • Product relevancy Review: Ranking the patents High/Medium/Low w.r.t to relevancy to the clients’ product line
  • In-depth review of selected patents: Patents shortlisted in the above two steps are considered for in-depth analysis including steps: Evidence of use (EoU) analysis (for possible future licensing potential), Patent file wrapper analysis, Prior art search/Patent Strength Assessment
  • Detailed reporting: The analysis is presented to client inform of MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint user friendly reports

Outcome: Based on the above analysis, the client was clearly able to identify:

  • Patents which are expired or about to expire in near future
  • Maintenance records of the patents
  • Patents relevant to clients’ product line
  • Patents with opportunity with high ROI

All of the above insights/outcomes helped client in finalizing the patent list for acquisition.