Freedom to operate Search

  A Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search helps to evaluate whether a proposed product or process has the freedom to operate in a particular country. Freedom to operate/Clearance search is performed before the commercialization of a product/service or at any point of product life cycle to determine the direction of product development.

  • A comprehensive freedom to operate search is very critical as the product is prepared for commercial production and helps to mitigate patent infringement suits
  • A freedom-to-operate search is a geo specific patent search conducted to identify active patents, in the specific jurisdiction, that can prove a threat to client’s product to be launched

Adroip Services offer comprehensive freedom to operate search. After receiving the product key features from the client or finalizing the product key features in discussion with the client, we conduct the search to find relevant active patents in the country where client plan to market the products. We present our report with detailed mapping of relevant patents with the product key features.