About us

Our Clients and Skills

Our Clients
We have experience of working with different types of customers in IP industry. We adapt our services based upon in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements. Our clientele includes:
•    Law firms
•    Commercialization Firms
•    Technology Corporations
•    Venture Capitalists
•    Patent Brokerage Firms
•    Universities/Educational Institutes
•    Start-ups
•    Individual Inventors.
Technology Expertise
Adroip Service has a team of experts to handle projects from a wide range of technical domains. Our team is made up of professionals having doctorates and master degrees in sciences and engineering. Our professionals regularly undergo different trainings to enhance their technical skills. This help us to provide better technological insights to our clients. Some of our technical skills are listed below.
•    Telecommunication (GSM, 3G, LTE, LTE-A)
•    Computer Science
•    Electronics& Semiconductors
•    LED & Display Technologies
•    Microprocessor Architecture
•    Mechanical
•    Automobile
•    Information Technology
•    Network Communications
•    Healthcare
•    Medical Devices