Patent Licensing Services

Patent licensing is one of the key revenue generating source for technology based and licensing firms. Adroip Services have extensive experience in helping clients to effectively monetize their patents. We have developed a following systematic approach to help our clients in achieving their patent monetization goals: 

  • Portfolio Assessment & Identification of Key Patents
  • Search for Evidence of Usage (EoU) in Products
  • Assessment of Target Products
  •  Preparation of EoU/Claim Charts

Portfolio Assessment & Identification of Key Patents: This step is primarily focused on shortlisting a set of patents which have high probability of licensing. We first segregate the patent portfolio in technology clusters and then identify the technology clusters that are more commercially valuable.
The key patents are then identified from the commercially valuable technology clusters based on the parameters such as Scope of the independent claims, Number of forward and backward citations, Number of family members, Core or non-core technology for the client.

Evidence of Usage (EoU) in Products/Standards: After identification of the key patents exhaustive product search is performed to identify infringing products/services. The search may focus on a specific set of target companies or focused to identify all the companies using the patented technology. Apart from products/services we also have expertise in searching across the technical standards.

Assessment of Target Products: After identification of the infringing products, we perform the market assessment of the products. This helps our client in judging the economic value of the potential licensing deal in terms of licensing fee/royalty. The assessment includes the parameter such as product revenue, sales figures, market demand & growth forecast.

Evidence of Use/Claim Charts: We share the details obtained in the above steps with client, and in discussion with him move ahead with preparation of detailed EOU/claim charts to illustrate the extent of overlap between claims and a target product.