Patent Acquisition Services

Before acquiring a patent portfolio it is essential to check the strength of the patents being considered for acquisition. Adroip Services have expertise in providing comprehensive due diligence support for patent acquisition.
Company/Target Profiling: We have experience in providing end to end profiling of a company/target being considered for acquisition. We provide a comprehensive report consisting of following subsections:

  • Patent List Generation: Complete list of currently assigned patents/published applications to the company/target
  • Family wise grouping
  • Legal status and expiry analysis of the patent list
  • Categorization of the patent list into technology tags
  • Technical analysis of the patents to identify the application scope of the patent list
  • Patent Ranking: Ranking the patents strength based on parameters such as claim strength, applicability, infringement scope, forward/backward citations, etc.
  • Validity assessment: Conducting prior art searches to check if there is any validity threat to the patents list. This step is preferably performed for shortlisted set of patents
  • Overlap analysis: To identify the infringement opportunity by other products and companies. This step also includes preparation of Claim/EOU charts to illustrate the extent of overlap between one or more claims and a target product.