Adroip Services provide full suite of patent research and analytics support services along with services tailored to meet clients’ specific needs. We assist clients from ideation to commercialization of patents. Our highly qualified and experienced team provide quality research services and ensure that all the aspects of research have been fully considered.
Our patent research services primarily help clients to identify relevant prior art for prosecution, freedom to operate and litigation support activities.
We also offer highly insightful patent analytical services. Our team have experience in analyzing patent portfolio of companies by co-relating it with their financial and business aspects. We offer patent analytical support services to R&D, innovation and strategy teams.

List of Services

•    Patent Creation

  • Patentability/Novelty Searches
  •  Patent Drafting
  •  Office Action Management
  •   Accelerated Examination Search Report

•    Patent Searches

  •   Patentability/Novelty Searches
  •   Freedom to operate Search
  •   Validity/Invalidity Search

•    Patent Intelligence & Analytics

  •    Landscape Analysis
  •    Competitor Analysis
  •    Patent/TechnologyTracking

•    Patent Licensing Services

  •     Portfolio Assessment & Identification of Key Patents
  •     Evidence of Usage (EoU) in Products/Standards
  •     Assessment of Target Products
  •     Evidence of Use/Claim Charts

•    Patent Acquisition Support Services

  •  Company/Target Profiling