Accelerated Examination (AE) Search Report

Accelerated Examination was introduced by the USPTO in the year 2006 to fast-track the examination period. This process allows for applications to be examined in an expedited fashion, with a decision guaranteed to be rendered within one year. One mandatory element of this procedure is that the applicant is required to perform a pre-examination patentability search based on the broadest possible interpretation of the independent claims of the application. The applicant has to submit an accelerated examination support document (AESD) with details of the search conducted. This search is performed in place of the USPTO examiner search, thus, the quality of the search report and results is critical.

Adroip Services have experience of providing clients with a comprehensive search report for AE. Our team members are fully informed of the USPTO requirements for the search procedure. We expertly guide our clients through the Accelerated Examination process and provide the required pre-examination search report in the required format.