Validity/Invalidity Search

Validity/ Invalidity search is conducted to identify any existing patent or non-patent literature which can affect the validity of a granted patent. The fundamental aim of this search is to find the prior art documents (not cited by the examiner at the time of patent prosecution) that challenge the validity of a patent. This search usually conducted during following scenarios:

  • During a patent infringement lawsuit, it is conducted as a mean of defense to invalidate the claims of a granted patent under lawsuit
  • The search is a good choice for due diligence prior to licensing or buying a patent or patent portfolio

We, at Adroip Services, follow a systematic approach to identify the most relevant prior art literature. We conduct searches using indigenously developed search strategies and effective patent and non-patent databases to find the results. We present our search findings in form of detailed report including the mapping of identified relevant results with the subject patent to be checked for validity.