What Sets us Apart

Commitment to Quality and Timelines
We at Adroip Service, are fully committed to meeting the best in class quality standards and all project delivery timelines. We have set processes to ensure high standard of quality is delivered in each project. We perform multiple levels of quality checks during different phases of a project execution.

We understand the importance of timelines for clients, thus, we have set protocols that every professional at Adroip Services follows to ensure timely delivery of every project.

Customized Solutions
We follow the proven and set methodologies of the Intellectual Property (IP) industry and at the same time customizes our solutions through indigenously developed techniques depending on the current requirements of a client. We also have experience in providing IP and business integrated solutions to our clients.

Highly Experienced Team

Adroip Services have team of professionals with good amount of experience in IP and technology industries. The team has experience in serving clients from across different jurisdictions of world including US, Europe, Korea, UK, Japan, etc. All the team members are self-motivated and committed to deliver high quality IP services.

Information Security
We understand the importance of data privacy and confidentiality in IP industry. Therefore, we adhere to the global data security standards and have set stringent protocols to ensure no threat to data security. We also believe in signing Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement with clients at the start of new project.

Cost Effectiveness
We offer services at very competitive prices that lead to huge cost savings for our clients and help them in maximizing ROI.